Creating 3D Avatars of Real Pets into the Metaverse

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Imagine doing everything you do in the real world with your pet in the virtual world? Playing, breeding, training, caring, and even clothing your pet. Living the dream of putting your pet in the metaverse may sound unrealistic, but one project that is making this dream a reality is ClassicDoge.


ClassicDoge is a decentralized pet metaverse ecosystem and an NFT marketplace that leverages the potentials of blockchain to create the petaverse, a virtual world that intersects with the real world. This ecosystem enables pet lovers to scan images of their pet and bring them into augmented reality and/or to the metaverse world of their choice. Additionally, one can generate new and fun looks for their pets in the form of NFTs and either share or sell them for money.


Driving Adoption of the Metaverse & NFT Marketplace

By creating an NFT from a real 3D model of your pet, ClassicDoge is looking to be the gateway for you to bring your virtual pet across metaverses to interact with a series of games and platforms. In addition, ClassicDoge will offer a social marketplace for you to trade, buy, and swap NFT’s, by accessorizing your virtual pet you will have the ability to create different classes that can become of more value. The marketplace will offer artists and creators a means of publishing and selling their accessories, backgrounds, and artwork with common and exclusive rights.


Experience an entirely new world with your real pet. Learn new ways to train and coach your pet for specialized skills that can be leveraged throughout games, events, or just exploring. Your pet will have unique behavioral traits and visual characteristics that will allow you to breed for specific purposes or unknown variability. A pet’s behavioral properties can increase or decrease opportunities & traits.


ClassicDoge is an integration of three industries: blockchain, social, and gaming—which allows for a passive revenue stream for users and our token. In addition, the platform also aims to create value for its token holders and give them an identity in the present revolutionary virtual world.


Features of ClassicDoge Ecosystem

Your Pet Furever, in AR & VR


Classicdoge now gives every pet owner the ability to enhance their life with their pet, forever. Bring your favorite furry friend into a world where they can accompany you in augmented reality forever, for a walk or to the park. Train your real pet in the metaverse to learn techniques that you can use to train your real pet. Even bring them with you and progress in skills together in top metaverse gaming platforms.


Pet NFT Marketplace

ClassicDoge gives pet owners the opportunity to own a pet NFT by minting a 3D avatar of their animals. Owners can shop for new wearables and share or sell these NFTs in the ecosystem’s NFT marketplace or in other marketplaces. Wherever you and your pet go, and whatever you do together, pet-related transactions are using XDOGE, the digital currency of the petaverse ecosystem.


Animal Charity

In contribution to help protect animals, ClassicDoge recruits volunteers to assist local shelters and rescue facilities. The team manages recruited volunteers to be certain they are placed at the facilities in need the most.



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