Bring Your Real Pet into the Metaverse

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Blockchain technology has given so much to humanity in the short time of its existence, not just in the area of finance alone. While it’s still novel to many, its emergence has positively improved human relationships, created a gold rush of new revenue streams and overall is changing how we interact in our world today. Furthermore, the phenomenon of the metaverse has succeeded in integrating the real world with the immersive virtual world.


Many are living the dream of owning precious assets in the metaverse, but some haven’t found an asset attractive enough to invest in it. For example, pet owners love the idea of owning a pet NFT and bringing their actual pets in the metaverse, but the opportunities are limited. For this reason, ClassicDoge was developed.


ClassicDoge is giving pet owners the chance to own the digital version of their pets in the virtual universe. This unique project leverages the limitless potentials of blockchain to allow dog lovers to play with, train, immortalize their pets and even earn rewards by creating a 3D avatar NFT of their real furry friends. ClassicDoge is the first DeFi project that truly cares about the sentiment of pet lovers in including their pets into the metaverse.


Why ClassicDoge and How Is It Different From Other Projects?

Some projects floating the market claim to create NFT avatars of animals for the metaverse. However, these avatars are fake and usually don’t represent the true image of the pet. ClassicDoge turns real pets into 3D avatars that can be brought into the metaverse alongside their owner.


The team behind the project is passionate about helping pet owners bring their beloved companions into the metaverse with them forever. Even at the loss of the pet in the real world, ClassicDoge ensures that the owners don’t have to grieve over their loss since the pet is already immortalized in the virtual universe. Owners can reunite with their pets and be with them forever in the virtual world, eliminating the feelings associated with the loss of a beloved friend. Imagine taking your best friend for a walk in real life but having them next to you with augmented reality glasses, or watching them play at the dog park again. With Classicdoge, your pet can live forever.


For the Metaverse gaming world, Classicdoge will allow your real pet to become integrated into top-named metaverse gaming platforms and worlds. A user will be able to train, breed and accessorize their gaming companion. A world now exists where you and your pet have a real progressive relationship, virtually.


Your pet can not only become an NFT, but Classicdoge allows users to purchase wearables in the accessories marketplace, and utilizing its proprietary NFT Generator, one can mint new NFTs of their pet and sell them. This opens a lucrative revenue stream for Classicdoge and pet owners worldwide.


How To Bring Your Pet Into the Metaverse

  1. Capture your pet using the Furever 3D Scan app.
  2. Upload your pet into the Metaverse and Augmented Reality.
  3. Mint the avatar into an NFT that can be traded on marketplaces. All the information about your pet is stored on the blockchain.
  4. As a pet NFT holder, you can participate in the governance of the ecosystem by voting on new features and proposals through their DAO.

ClassicDoge is a one-of-a-kind project that allows you to enhance the value of your pet wherever you go. The tokens are available for purchase on Pancakeswap now and will be available on other exchanges soon!



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