November 22, 2021
ClassicDoge on ESPN Radio with Ronnie Rantz

November 17, 2021
ClassicDoge Launches on PancakeSwap

After a rapid crowdfund round, ClassicDoge (XDOGE) is open for public sale on PancakeSwap in November 18th of 2021 launching a new era of social NFTs for every pet owner in the world.  The blockchain that will power ClassicDoge will

November 4, 2021
ClassicDoge Online Crowdfund

The ClassicDoge team is excited to announce our early crowdfund. Our token is ClassicDoge using the symbol XDoge with a total supply of 160,000,000,000 at a price of 0.0000002 BNB. What is ClassicDoge? The ClassicDoge vision is to introduce the