ClassicDoge Launches on PancakeSwap

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After a rapid crowdfund round, ClassicDoge (XDOGE) is open for public sale on PancakeSwap in November 18th of 2021 launching a new era of social NFTs for every pet owner in the world. 

The blockchain that will power ClassicDoge will be a selected hard fork of a Ethereum protocol. With many similarities to Ethereum, this will provide a very versatile blockchain, capable of adopting multi-platform applications. Any applications or utilities currently developed on Ethereum or Binance blockchain can be ported to this new chain. 

The Pet Coin with a Real Utility

A pet coin with a real utility. ClassicDoge is a decentralized pet ecosystem, with hybrid social NFTs and a marketplace platform for pet owners that connects your pet’s life with all of the services you need in one place.

Through the pet centric social app, pet parents can join a community that shares the same interests for their pets. Connect with other pet owners of the same breed in your area. Discover the top rated dog parks & services in your area. Freely buy and sell pet NFT’s, products, and services through the app. All goods and services sold will be in a constant state of quality assurance conducted by the community on the platform. Give your pet or many pets a profile in a community that cares

  • Pet NFTs: 
    • Build your profile and pet’s social profile
    • Mint your pet into a NFT
    • Like, comment, share, and sell pet memories within the pet community
  • Pet Hangouts: 
    • Join local groups of local breed owners who understand your pet
    • Chat with other pet parents in public and private groups for pet advice, services and to share adventures.
    • Support your fellow pet peers by tipping them with XDoge
    • Ask pet peers for medical advice and about their experiences
  • Pet Marketplace: 
    • Promote your business or services to the community
    • Accept XDoge as payment
    • Shop for your all of your pet’s products
  • Find Local Pet Peers: 
    • Search and filter a map for pet peers of the same breed, age, or type
  • Pet Health: 
    • Care for your pet by finding 5 star reviewed vets and groomers
    • Store your pets records on a secured platform with blockchain
  • Digital PawPrint: 
    • Create a digital pawprint of your pet’s health records, insurance, and certifications
    • Store your pet records on the blockchain
    • Connect your pet records directly to your vet

Why Use ClassicDoge?

ClassicDoge will use blockchain technology to create a NFT family of every animal in the world. It will allow users to own and monetize their pet’s, while protecting the privacy and the security of their pet’s products, services and value in one app for everything. A social network of only pets becomes an advertising platform for providers, vet clinics, grooming, adoption and other services that the user can benefit from in one place. The days of downloading multiple apps for everything your pet needs are over. By allowing owners, vets, and animal organizations to share records privately but with transparency will drive further developments with treatments, and health trends. ClassicDoge digital currency will incentivize pet owners and service providers in the pet industry to manage and share social and sensitive pet data without any adverse impact to the platform’s margins or liabilities.

Pet Community Influence

ClassicDoge’s decentralized ecosystem will provide an easy way for local businesses and service providers to onboard their profile for pet community visibility. We have found and built a meta universe that will merge with other meta networks to shape the way we perceive our pet’s world tomorrow. We are inviting early adopters for investment at the beginning of our pet social and pet care app. Our network of top peers in the pet industry and power influencers in the NFT space have secured a profitable future for all involved in the ClassicDoge world.

ClassicDoge Tomorrow

Imagine a 3D NFT avatar of your pet in a virtual universe with the other social platform’s virtual meta verses combined. Having the option to visit family or friends a world away and introduce them to your new puppy, feeling like they are actually there. Buy and experience training courses with an actual trainer to learn techniques that you can bring home without ever leaving your home. Organize a virtual meet up and charge NFT for entry with a pet giveaway or free pet sitting voucher. Shop for pet products cities away and try them on your furry friend. Even try a new pet type or breed for your family before you adopt virtually. ClassicDoge will allow you to bring your beloved best friend with you for the rest of your life. 

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