ClassicDoge Partners with ChevalRouge Equine Veterinarian

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ChevalRouge Equine is a mobile equine sports veterinarian, announced they have officially partnered with ClassicDoge to support and advise our team’s vision and the product path to market. This will be one of many veterinarians and animal organizations that ClassicDoge will partner with to better position our team with product concept and an overall outlook in the animal industry.

One of the largest challenges facing the animal health care industry is the secure storage and transfer of a pet’s patient information. Oftentimes, siloed record-keeping systems can result in conflicting, ambiguous, or incomplete records. In addition, patients are often required to personally carry their pet’s medical information when veterinarians refer patients to other veterinarians or patients engage with a new veterinarian. We look forward to collaborating with our veterinarian partners to help us construct the most optimum architecture solving a list of the challenges they face.

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